Photography for Wineries & Vineyards

Before visitors to your website know anything else about your wines, they form their first impressions based on design and imagery. At 26 Brix, we spend time with wineries and vineyard owners before we begin shooting. We want to understand what makes them special so we can capture and express those qualities in our photography.

Photos Tell Your Story So Much More Effectively Than Words

Wine appeals to us on so many levels, beyond what we taste on the palate. Its color, its fragrance, the way it expresses its terroir – the best wines are a magical expression of the vineyard they come from. And the best winemakers know how to handle the grower's gift ever so gently to bring out a vineyard's unique quality and character, evoking in the finished wine a sense of its beginning.

That's how we approach our work with wineries and vineyard owners. We try to look beyond the obvious to see the magic and beauty of the vineyard expressed in each bottle of wine. Our photography appeals to consumers, invites them to pause a moment with your brand, and encourages them to place an order.

To get started, call us at 530-400-4005.