Photography for Restaurants

Great photography is essential for attracting restaurant customers online. There's a reason food is one of the most photographed subjects on Facebook: we're a food-obsessed culture who loves to share photos and experiences about restaurants we've been to and recipes we love.

Who doesn’t linger over a beautifully presented plate of deep red wild salmon on vibrant, lightly sautéed greens? A perfect rare filet mignon with crispy onions? Luminescent grilled sea scallops tucked into golden saffron risotto?

Great photography is the difference between a dull dish and one that makes you salivate. It's why customers will book a table at your restaurant – rather than the one down the street.

Restaurant Photography - Marita Madeloni - 26 Brix

26 Brix offers photography services at prices designed specifically for restaurants. We know that budget is always a factor, and we price our work accordingly. To get started, call us at 530-400-4005.