Our Services

While most restaurant and winery owners know they need to do more online, many are not sure where to start. Most suspect that their website isn’t drawing in customers or generating sales as effectively as it could. And few are confident in how to use social media well.

We get that. At 26 Brix, we’ve united knowledge and experience in food and wine with expertise in technology and marketing. This foundation allows us to offer services designed to help restaurants and wineries grow.

As a small business, we know how it is. We understand that your marketing budget is tight. That’s why we focus on results. Our services are designed to be both measurable and affordable so you can achieve your goals confidently and within budget.

Website design and development. What differentiates 26 Brix is our emphasis on results-oriented design and usability. Many restaurant and winery websites are little more than static “brochureware.” By contrast, our websites are designed to attract customers and encourage them to purchase or make a reservation. See the website we designed for Liquid Sky Vineyards >

Photography and video. For restaurants and wineries, photography and video are essential for attracting customers online. Images and video sell the sizzle, whet the appetite, draw customers in, and tell your story more effectively than words ever will. Read more about our restaurant photography service > Read more about our winery photography service >

Social media strategy and execution. Restaurants and wineries can easily find agencies that offer website design. However, finding an agency with social media expertise for small business is another kettle of fish entirely. We offer social media strategy recommendations, Facebook page development and post promotion, and content development for blogging and social media.

Search engine optimization (SEO). Unfortunately, most website developers seem to pay scant attention to SEO. The beautiful websites they create are like trees that fall in the forest, neither seen nor heard. The point of SEO is to make you visible to people who don’t yet know about you. SEO is about much more than keywords; it involves link building, site optimization, Google analytics, content development, and more.

Email marketing. Email marketing is a cost-effective way for restaurants and wineries to keep in touch with customers – and yet, many small businesses ignore this marketing tool. We can develop an email marketing program, show you how to grow your list, design an effective template, and help with editorial calendars and copywriting. Read more about email marketing >

Logo design, including identity and branding. A strong identity will create a memorable impression that conveys emotion and helps sustain a customer’s positive experience with your business. We can create a new logo or update a logo that has grown stale. We can also design menus, packaging, wine labels, business cards, and stationery.

Message and content development. Writing copy is something many business owners struggle with. We can help you put into words what’s unique and valuable about your business. We can also show you how to create good social media copy easily and quickly.

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