Today we unveil a preview of the new website for 26 Brix. We expect the new site, which will be built with responsive web design, to be live in the next couple of weeks. There’s much work to be done between now and then, but we’re getting close. Here’s a preview*:

New Website Design for 26 Brix

* Please note that the copy in this design is "for placement only."

In the new website, we wanted to create a model for our clients in both design and technology. Our design aesthetic is driven by a modern sensibility, emphasizing simplicity, richness of color and texture, and strong use of photography. Wherever possible, we are striving to minimize the amount of copy and to use visual cues such as icons and graphics to support a visual user experience.

From a technology perspective, we started with mobile. Research indicates that people are increasingly viewing websites on smartphones and tablets and using traditional desktop browsers less and less. For the mobile experience, there are generally two routes:

1. A single responsive web design that accommodates all devices (from smartphones to desktops)

2. A separate, unique mobile site ( that is redirected from the traditional website ( when a user is on a smartphone or tablet

We opted for responsive web design, as we think it creates a better user experience in most situations. And we believe that for most small businesses it’s a more cost-effective approach.

On a smartphone then, the 26 Brix website will look like this:

New Mobile Version of 26 Brix Website

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