Why does online marketing matter for restaurants?

  • Your website is your image, your brand, and your reputation as well as your front desk, your sommelier, and your reservation line
  • Social media and online search are how new customers (especially Gen Y) will discover you and find out about you before they make a reservation
  • Social media and email help you maintain relationships with customers when they're not in your restaurant
  • Your website, social media, and email marketing have a multiplying effect in increasing repeat traffic
  • Photography and video attract customers online, whet their appetite, and encourage them to book a reservation in the moment
"Being a chef these days involves far more than sourcing products, designing menus, and cooking food. You have to be a multimedia impresario if you want to complete."Blair Anthony Robertson

Online marketing for restaurants is about attracting new customers, appealing to their desire, maintaining a loyal relationship between visits, generating more income, and ultimately growing your business.

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