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You open a bottle of Wharton Napa Valley Chardonnay and pour a glass. You notice the color: light yellow with just a touch of gold. You smell, you sip, you contemplate. Depending on your experience tasting wine or the sophistication of your palate, you may pick up on various flavors in this wine – oak certainly, and perhaps lime or butterscotch or pear or wet stones. But no matter how expert you are in wine tasting, there's one attribute in this particular wine that you won't taste, see, or smell. And yet, it may be the wine's most important quality.

With his ...

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The Story of 26 Brix

Posted on April 20, 2012

26 Brix is a wholly owned subsidiary of Bullet Consulting and will be operated independently from Bullet Consulting. It’s expected to launch by July 2012. Whereas Bullet Consulting serves clients across a range of industries, 26 Brix will focus exclusively on restaurants and wineries.

Needless to say, food and wine are very different from high tech and financial services. The needs are different. The kinds of people who work in these industries are different. The end customers are different. Clients in the food and wine industry require different services than the kinds of services that Bullet Consulting provides. For these reasons ...

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