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Sacramento food photographer Marita Madeloni brings her talent to 26 Brix – and we couldn't be more excited to be working with her. We've teamed up to offer a new photography service specifically for restaurants.

Marita's talent is capturing and conveying the essence of a story through images. Although she photographs a wide array of subjects, Marita says that food photography is one of her passions, which she indulges in her blog, Food Love & Tradition. Her beautiful images can also be seen on her website.

To help people discover and learn more about our photography service for restaurants, we've ...

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In Sacramento, as in other cities like San Francisco and New York, mobile food trucks are experiencing a kind of renaissance. ("Sweeping the food world from coast to coast," says one article, which notes that there are more than 9,500 food trucks in Los Angeles alone.)

Here in Sacramento, a few of these “mobile kitchens” have banded together to create an organization called Sacramento Mobile Food, or SactoMoFo, which lobbies on their behalf and helps promote the mobile truck vendors in the group. (SacFoodMob is another organization in the area with similar goals.)

SactoMoFo promotes mobile food in the Sacramento ...

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When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. When it gives you olives, make extra virgin oil.

Jim and Andrea Mayer, who started the Frate Sole Olive Oil Company, have taken that lesson to heart – and built a growing business in the process. Frate Sole is a small-production, high-quality extra virgin olive oil produced in Yolo County on the Mayers’ 20-acre farm outside Woodland, Calif. I met Jim and Andrea in late July, sampled their oil, and spent part of a warm Sunday afternoon talking to them about how they got started in the olive oil business.

As it turns out, producing olive ...

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When you think world-class pizza, Sacramento may not be the first city that comes to mind. If you consider yourself a conoscitore di pizza (or connoisseur), you'll probably think first of Naples, where pizza was invented. You might also think of New York City. But Sacramento?

And yet, according to at least one expert on the topic (who has the bona fides to back it up), Masullo Pizza is one of the best pizzerias in the entire country.

And why not Sacramento? It has a great Italian community, nobly represented by the world-famous Corti Brothers grocery store and its resident food and wine expert, Darrell Corti. The ...

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This presentation explains the importance of an online marketing and social media strategy for restaurants today.

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Why do online marketing and social media matter for restaurants?

Your website is your image, your brand, your reputation, and your storefront
The Internet is how people will find you
Social media is how Gen Y will evaluate you and decide to become customers
Social media and email help you maintain relationships with customers when they're not in your restaurant
Your website, social media, and email marketing have a multiplying effect in increasing repeat sales

Ultimately it's about connecting to customers, generating revenue, and growing the business. At the end ...

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Blackbird Kitchen & Bar is a new, well-regarded restaurant in Sacramento. Anyone living in the area who appreciates great food and great service should check it out.

Blackbird Kitchen & Bar is primarily a seafood restaurant, and everything we had (from clam chowder and raw Arctic char for appetizers to mussels and whole roasted trout for entrees) was stellar. Our waiter was extremely informed about all aspects of the bar, wine, and food, answering all of our questions (which were many) with poise and patience (especially considering he was also dealing with an obnoxious and loud table next to us). The ...

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Plates Café in Sacramento is hosting Grange Restaurant & Bar chef Oliver Ridgeway tonight for the café's monthly Guest Chef Dinner. The event is a fundraiser for St. John's Shelter Program for Women and Children, which "assists families in transitioning from crisis to self-sustainability."

According to the St. John's Shelter website, the program is Sacramento’s only shelter focused exclusively on supporting homeless women with children: "Since 1985, the program has provided a safe and supportive haven to more than 25,000 displaced homeless women and children."

Opened in June 2010, Plates Café and Catering Project was created to train the shelter's clients for careers in the ...

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