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Monday, April 11, 2014, Sacramento, Calif. – 26 Brix, an online marketing agency focused exclusively on restaurants and wineries, today announced completion of a new website for Liquid Sky Vineyards. The new website is an important element in the winery’s marketing strategy and is expected to increase its direct-to-consumer wine sales.

Prior to engaging 26 Brix, Liquid Sky Vineyards (LSV) relied on a website built on outdated web technology and e-commerce software, which had become an obstacle to ordering for LSV’s customers according to Dave Labuda, the winery’s owner. The ordering tool was difficult to use, had limited shipping functionality, and ...

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In Sacramento, as in other cities like San Francisco and New York, mobile food trucks are experiencing a kind of renaissance. ("Sweeping the food world from coast to coast," says one article, which notes that there are more than 9,500 food trucks in Los Angeles alone.)

Here in Sacramento, a few of these “mobile kitchens” have banded together to create an organization called Sacramento Mobile Food, or SactoMoFo, which lobbies on their behalf and helps promote the mobile truck vendors in the group. (SacFoodMob is another organization in the area with similar goals.)

SactoMoFo promotes mobile food in the Sacramento ...

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A woman I know, Mira Wooten, recently published her first book, Welcome to Love. Wondering if she could use Facebook to sell copies, she placed an ad. Here’s how she tells it:

“I tried using FB Ads to promote my new book, Welcome to Love. It's a romance book based in Austin. I targeted the demographic to women in Austin who had reading listed as an interest. According to FB, it got over 64,000 impressions over the two days I had it live. A total of 133 people clicked on the ad that took them to my Amazon web ...

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Social media and the Internet are powerful tools for small businesses. That's because their customers increasingly begin their shopping on the Internet, and they use social media such as online reviews when considering which products to buy and which businesses to support.

For that reason, the Internet is a double-edged sword. Used well, the Internet and social media can help small businesses. Online marketing techniques and tools, for example, can help small businesses reach prospective customers who otherwise would have no way of knowing about them. Online marketing can help small businesses sell goods and services anywhere around the world, 24x7. And ...

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The Story of 26 Brix

Posted on April 20, 2012

26 Brix is a wholly owned subsidiary of Bullet Consulting and will be operated independently from Bullet Consulting. It’s expected to launch by July 2012. Whereas Bullet Consulting serves clients across a range of industries, 26 Brix will focus exclusively on restaurants and wineries.

Needless to say, food and wine are very different from high tech and financial services. The needs are different. The kinds of people who work in these industries are different. The end customers are different. Clients in the food and wine industry require different services than the kinds of services that Bullet Consulting provides. For these reasons ...

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