Blackbird Kitchen & Bar is a new, well-regarded restaurant in Sacramento. Anyone living in the area who appreciates great food and great service should check it out.

Blackbird Kitchen & Bar is primarily a seafood restaurant, and everything we had (from clam chowder and raw Arctic char for appetizers to mussels and whole roasted trout for entrees) was stellar. Our waiter was extremely informed about all aspects of the bar, wine, and food, answering all of our questions (which were many) with poise and patience (especially considering he was also dealing with an obnoxious and loud table next to us). The wine list, though not extensive, was veryinteresting with an unusual selection of mostly European Wines. My girlfriend had a GSM blend (grenache, syrah, mourvèdre) from the Rhône, I had a German riesling which, with its good acidity and mineral quality, was a nice complement to the rich and smoky chowder. And the wines, like the food, were very reasonably priced, I thought.

This restaurant received a fair amount of hype before it opened, and I'm pleased to report that (in my opinion anyway) it lives up to its reputation.

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